Aluminium Composite cutting

Comprehensive Aluminium Composite cutting service

Most of our Aluminium Composite customers want panels and shapes cut to precise shapes and sizes. While most suppliers of Aluminium Composite can only offer simple, straight saw cutting we give you more.

Any shape you want you can have.

CNC Router based cutting.

Using CNC routing systems you can get Aluminium Composite cut into almost any shape or design. This machinery doesn't care what shape it cuts- it will cut along any vector based design.

Use our Router based Aluminium Composite cutting for;

aluminium composite cutting

Simple or complex shapes can be cut easily and cost effectively. Unlike some sites which cut and paste pictures all the images you see on are sample products manufactured in-house.

Whatever shape you need this Aluminium Composite cutting service is the right way to source your components. Carefully researched machining techniques and bulk bought tooling means that your cut Aluminium Composite shapes are always crisp and clean.

Scoring as well as cutting

A great characteristic of Aluminium Composite is it's ability to be bent. Using the right, specialised tooling you can score Aluminium Composite and then fold/ bend your composite into all manner of shapes.

Use scoring for;

Folding aluminium composite allows you to copy the effect of folded aluminium sheet metal work without the need for expensive break presses and secondary paint finishing.

Cutting Aluminium Composite via waterjet.

Aluminium Composite can be cut using our in-house grand format waterjet plant. This machinery uses a very fine stream of high pressure water to punch through and cut virtually any material.

Waterjetting allows you to get finer detail that would otherwise be possible using a router based system.

All our cutting services are designed to give you precisely what you need at the best possible price.

DIY cutting &  site work.

You can cut aluminium composite with a variety of standard woodworking tools;

Saw tables.

Use a fine toothed TCT blade only. Standard TCT wood blades are too harsh for aluminium composite and will give you a torn edge. With saw tables you need to pay special attention to the fence on your saw- ensuring that the thin 3mm aluminium composite does not slip under the fence.


A fine toothed saw blade is essential. Care should be taken to protect the face of the aluminium composite from scratching cause by the foot of your jigsaw.


A sharp handsaw will cut aluminium composite with good results. For a smooth finish consider over cutting and then cutting back with a small plane.


Hand held routers can be used to shape aluminium composite. Standard woodworking bits are acceptable but they must be sharp.

Whatever you want our Aluminium Composite cutting service can help.

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