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All your Aluminium Composite supply requirements under one roof.

If you want a supplier of Aluminium Composite sheets, panels, signs, blanks, shapes or sign trays and pans then this is the site for you. Aluminium Composite is a versatile material with a HUGE range of applications.

Whether you need an aluminium composite supplier for sheets, panels, lettering and logos or you wish to use aluminium composite for interior or exterior shop fitting work this site gets you what you need at a price which makes sense.

A mainstay of the Sign and Display industry aluminium composite can also be used in many other industries for all kinds of application.

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Types of aluminium composite we can supply you with

Whatever you want to do with Aluminium Composite we can supply you with material in any shape or size you could ever need.

Aluminium Composite Sheet sizes available

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A full fabrication service is available- simple trays and pans like these through to complex structures and illuminated signage- everything is possible

Other sheet sizes are available in selected colours and finishes.

A complete cutting service available all the time.

Our Aluminium Composite buyers love our complete cutting service. Unlike other suppliers of this material we DO NOT use saws to cut your Aluminium Composite. All your cutting requirements are carried out using the latest CNC machinery.

Because we use CNC machinery we can give you precise cutting to ANY shape or size. You don't have to buy squares, rectangles or strips of material- you name the shape and we can cut it for you- no problem.

You can simply email us the shapes you need and we will deliver to your door- it is that simple and that easy.

No other Aluminium Composite supplier we know of has the range of CNC cutting machinery we have.

Experienced Aluminium Composite suppliers.

Most suppliers simply sell sheets of Aluminium Composite. They have never machined it, scored it, folded it or bonded it. Because we manufacture Aluminium Composite into a wide range of products we give you that bit of valuable expert knowledge.

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Choose the right brand for you.

Aluminium Composite is a generic material manufactured by many different companies. Each manufacturer offers slightly different colour choices and each brand of material has slightly different machining characteristics. We sell six different brands of aluminium composite from budget ranges through to Premium ranges.

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Whatever you want to achieve with aluminium composite we have the the right material for you

Samples are available; just ask.

Whatever you want to do with Aluminium Composite we can supply you with the right product.

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