2mm Aluminium Composite.

A low cost entry level product.

2mm Aluminium Composite is an entry level product which features all the benefits of standard 3mm aluminium composite- only the price is different. To reduce the cost of this product range the manufacturers have reduced the overall thickness by a third- this allows a saving in the manufacturing cost which is passed on by way of a lower purchase cost.

2mm Aluminium Composite is widely used for flat panel work where no bending is required. Naturally reducing the thickness by a third does have an impact on the rigidity and strength of the material. In general you should consider 2mm Aluminium Composite as a viable alternative to foam PVC.

2mm Aluminium Composite is not prone to heat distortion- unlike foam PVC. In addition a full range of colours and metal effects are available in 2mm Aluminium Composite which allow you to create matching signs and displays across 2 & 3mm Aluminium Composite.

Whereas foam PVC is available in a limited range of colours 2mm Aluminium Composite has the full standard colours as options. Moreover, 2mm Aluminium Composite is stronger and more durable than any foam PVC product.

Products available

We are able to supply you with 2mm Aluminium Composite from a selected range of branded Alupanel material. The Reynobond brand of aluminium composite has a matched colour range between 2 & 3mm versions. Using this brand will allow you to mix and match thicknesses as your specification and budget dictates.

The only limitation to 2mm Aluminium Composite is the unsuitability for sign tray and other formed structures. Whilst it is technically possible to fold this material the end results lack the strength and durability of 3mm.


2mm Aluminium Composite can be used for the following applications;

  • Flat panels
  • Individual lettering
  • Individual logos
  • Flat Column cladding
  • Flat Counter cladding
  • Exterior signage
  • Interior signs
  • Machine parts and covers
  • Grilles and screens
  • Exhibition graphic panels

Alcom Aluminium Composite can be cut using our in-house CNC routing service, for finer work you can specify waterjet cutting. Aluminium Composite cut via waterjet features an attractive, smooth cut edge and allows for super fine detailling.

2mm Aluminium Composite- the budget option.