ACM sign trays.

An ideal application for aluminium composite

ACM sign tray assemblies are an everyday staple of the UK sign & display industries. Lightweight, pre-coloured and a joy to handle, aluminium composite allows anyone to have a sleek sign system at an affordable price.

Before ACM's were invented this type of tray shaped sign would be made from solid aluminium with a powder coated finish. Aluminium composite does the same thing for less weight and crucially less cost.

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What we make depends entirely on what you want; there are no set limits or restrictions. If you want an ACM sign tray system, even a fiendishly complicated one, we'll do our best to help.

  • Plain composite structures for DIY vinyl graphics.
  • Composite trays with raised graphics in all kinds of material.
  • Fret cut ACM tray blanks ready for DIY assembly
  • Fret cut, led back lit tray schemes fully assembled and ready to hang
  • Corner sections at almost any angle; allows fascia runs to flow around buildings.
  • Interlocking sections and feature pieces
  • Integrated projecting signs or stand alone units
  • Hidden bracing & reinforcing systems made from composite
  • Aluminium hanging rails
  • Welded aluminium skeleton support frames.
  • illuminated acm sign trays


ACM sign trays are a standard, run-of-the-mill type product which can be made in a fairly straight forward process; this is reflected in the price. If you are looking for someone to manufacture composite sign trays without a lot of fuss and expense get in touch.

aluminium composite sign tray range