Alcom Aluminium Composite.

Intermediate level aluminium composite.

Alcom Aluminium Composite gives you a nice balance between the price of generic aluminium composite and the performance of branded composite. Alcom composite is available in a wide range of colours and metal effects and machines beautifully.

Having used Alcom aluminium composites for many years we can tell you that this brand of composite is great for cut out letters, sign panels and folded sign trays and columns. Some generic aluminium composites don't like being folded- Alcom copes with this process very well.alcom aluminium composite logo

Typical applications for Alcom aluminium composite

Alcom Aluminium Composite can be utilised in the same ways as all types of aluminium composite

  • Flat panels
  • Sign trays
  • Individual lettering
  • Individual logos
  • Column cladding
  • Counter cladding
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Exterior signage
  • Exterior monoliths
  • Machine parts and covers
  • Grilles and screens
 alcom brand aluminium composite logo

Alcom Aluminium Composite- colours and finishes.

Alcom Aluminium Composite is available in a range of colours and finishes which match generics and other brands. All manufacturers of aluminium composite use the RAL colour system and they all match to the same colour codes.