Aluminium composite flight cases

Stylish storage.

Scored & folded aluminium composites are a great material for flight case production. Tough, lightweight and available in a range of attractive colours and finishes; if you need an attractive flight case then ACM is worth considering


An aluminium composite flight cases are ideal for short run production of special sizes and formats. These cases are made using CNC machinery which automatically places score & cut lines in the right places allowing a flat sheet material to be folded into a finished structure.

Producing a flight case in aluminium composite is simply a case of retrieving a stored case template and loading up a sheet of ACM onto the machine. Changes in dimensions can be made by simply re-sizing the template to suit.

aluminium composite flight cases

Why we make them.

Needing a small run of flight cases for a specific project we were working on it proved almost impossible to find anyone willing to make what we needed, even getting a price was hard work.

That's where aluminium composite came to mind; we know the material so why not just make the flight cases needed ourselves; so that's what we did.

A foam lined case with hinges, handle, hasps, everything you need to store and move a product safely and securely.

If you are having trouble finding someone to deliver the flight cases you need perhaps you could use the same aluminium composite approach we did.