Aluminium Composite Fabrication.

A complete service.

Whilst other suppliers of aluminium composite specialise in supplying simple products we provide you with a comprehensive aluminium composite fabrication service. From folded sign trays to free standing monoliths and column cladding aluminium composite fabrication allows you to extend and expand the ways in which you use aluminium composite material.

Why it matters to you.

If you only use aluminium composite as flat panels then you are missing out on the full potential of this product. Aluminium composite fabrication takes the material one stage further.

fabricated aluminium composite images

This sign is fabricated from aluminium composite

Companies who don't see an application for flat panels of this material soon see the possibilities offered by aluminium composite fabrication. Shop fitters for example love the ability aluminium composite has to instantly cover and finish interior and exterior spaces.

Where before the cladding of columns or counters in metals or solid colours used to involve a lot of time consuming construction work and decoration aluminium composite fabrication allows a simple, fast "one hit" approach. With fabricated column covers they simply sleeve over and fix in place- no complex carcass work, no time consuming decoration work.

What you can use this service for;

aluminium composite fabrication

Aluminium composite fabrication broadens the ways in which this durable, lightweight material can be used. There are huge time and cost savings to be had with the correct application of fabricated aluminium composites.

Aluminium composite fabrication- taking your options further.

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