Aluminium composite fixings.

Ways to mount ACM.

Aluminium composite fixings to securely hold your panels in place. If you want to try an adhesive based fixing approach try composite bonding. If you are looking for hidden mechanical fixings or support bars stay on this page.

aluminium composite fixings

Hidden plates and pads.

Hidden fixing plates & pads made from stainless steel. Designed with a large, smooth adhesion pad area these composite fixings are designed to be used in conjuncture with the latest generation of Very High Bond (VHB) tapes.

Conventional fixing pads use a small perforated metal plate to chemically bond each fixing to the rear of your aluminium composite. Using two part PMMA adhesives to physically bond the fixing in place. This technique is entirely reliant on the claims made by adhesive manufacturers; claims which in our experience don't always match real life experiences.


The composite fixings we make are designed to spread the load across a large footprint, this reduces the stress on both the fixings and the tapes used. In simple terms a stainless steel plate has threaded fixings stud welded onto it, the reverse of the plate is flooded with VHB tape. Peel away the carrier tape and press the fixing plate onto your aluminium composite. This technique gives zero display face distortion and fixing plates can be made in the most appropriate sizes for the composite you are working with.

Angle framing.

Fixing aluminium composites after they have been folded normally involves hanging panels on a right angle aluminium frame. Some people use cheap timber battens which will eventually rot, our framing systems are always manufactured from aluminium.

Framing kits are quite simple to make as the only material needed is aluminium angle. If you would like a frame fixing kit supplied with your composite project then this is something we can do for you. (if you specify any type of sign tray production the price includes fixing rails as standard).

Colour coded self tapping screws and rivets are available from specialist suppliers; if required we can help you select and source the best fixings for your aluminium composite project.