Aluminium Composite Sheet

Aluminium composite sheet is manufactured in two main sheet sizes;


The most popular aluminium composite sheet size is a standard 8ft x 4ft size. This is a true 8ft x 4ft sheet with an overall metric dimension of 2440mm x 1220mm. This sheet size is available in all metal, colour, wood and stone effects.

aluminium composite sheet


Large 10ft x 5ft sheets of aluminium composite are popular within the sign and display industry for the creation of large/ long signs. This larger sheet size is also used for cladding large areas.

In this sheet size colours and effects are limited so please check with us before planning your sheet usage.

This sheet size has metric dimensions of 3050mmx 1500mm

wood grain aluminium composite sheet

Wood grain aluminium composite sheets- click here

Extra large.

Aluminium Composite can be cut be supplied in extra large 4m x 2m sheet sizes. If you require this sheet size there may be a lead time involved and your colour/ finish choices are strictly limited.


Virtually all the aluminium composite sheet we sell is standard 3mm thickness. It is possible to supply aluminium composite sheet up to 6mm thick. There is a lead time involved and your colour and effect choices are limited.

Full sheets can be supplied but most of our customers like to take advantage of our machining and cutting services because this allows them to get exactly what they need in one delivery and eliminates the need for on site cutting or fabricating.

stone effect aluminium composite

Stone effect aluminium composite sheet available. Click here


Because we offer a full range of aluminium composite machining and cutting services it might make more sense for you to buy aluminium composite sheet cut to the precise sizes you need.

If you do require full sheets of aluminium composite they will be sent to you either on pallets or inside protective packaging.

Transport costs for aluminium composite sheets cut into the sizes you require will be lower than the cost of shipping a full sheet.

Aluminium Composite in the industry standard sheet sizes

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