Applications for aluminium Composite.

Aluminium composite is a modern, lightweight substrate which combines the stability of aluminium with the workability of plastic. Take the best attributes of both materials, add them together and you get an amazingly versatile sheet material.

applications for aluminium composite

Pre coloured.

Aluminium composite applications are widened by the simple fact that this material comes with a flawless factory finish pre applied. Whether you want a solid colour or you need to simulate a metal effect or wood grain aluminium composite is your off the shelf solution. High quality exterior grade finishes allow you to deliver applications both internally and out doors.

Do you need to clad surfaces internally or externally? Are you looking for a substrate which needs no painting? A material which can be folded and formed with ease? Cladding applications are ideally suited to aluminium composite; material; light, easy to handle, simple to trim. 

aluminium composite applications examples

For folded ACM applications all you need to do is machine score lines into the reverse side of the sheet; score, cut, fold. No expensive brake press machinery needed. Working on site? You can have ACM delivered flat packed ready to fold and fit. 

Helping you.

Applications for aluminium composite are wide and varied; we're finding new ways to use this amazing material all the time. If you are looking for a lightweight, cost effective sheet substrate to enhance your project ACM is worth a closer look.

No matter what your application we're here to help, whether it's help with designing for ACM or guidance on which material to use; a simple email is all it takes to benefit from our free advice.