Cladding grade composite.

Safe and durable.

Cladding grade composites are the best quality ACM on the market. Supplied in a wide range of colours and finishes cladding grades have been specifically designed for long term architectural use. The extra thickness, 4mm rather than 3mm is a common tell tale of a cladding grade rather than sign grade composite.

With thicker aluminium skins and a extremely durable surface finishes this type of ACM is specifically formulated for construction projects.cladding grade aluminium composite

Standard format or fire additional retardant formulation. Which type of cladding grade you select should be dictated by the building regulations & guidance in your area. Used properly this composite material can be a perfectly safe means of providing attractive rain screening and weather proofing.


Insulation value.

Cladding grade aluminium composite sheeting has a minimal insulation value so panels machined from this material will not in themselves help to retain building heat. Designed as a weatherproofing system composite cladding can be used with a separate insulation scheme if required. Insulation materials used should comply with regulations, flammable insulation materials should be avoided.

One of the simplest ways to insulate a composite cladding panel is to attach a foam insulation panel to the cavity on the inside. If you are planning to use this method it's important to make sure the foam panel is fire rated.

cladding grade aluminium composite samples

Fire rated.

Composite cladding panels can be machined from fire rated formulation material. With modifications to the material blend used to make the plastic core the material's fire rating can be radically improved. Find out more about fire retardant ACM here.

Supply or free issue.

Perhaps you already have sheets of cladding grade aluminium composite but can't find someone to machine it for you. If this describes your situation then we're here to help. Simply send us your drawings and sheet stock and we'll do the rest.

If your drawings aren't machine ready that's not a problem either; we specialise in turning cladding drawings into machine ready CNC files. Sample panels and test pieces can be made prior to full production

Cladding grade composite from a wide range of manufacturers can be supplied and machined if this is the approach you would rather follow. It's all up to you; you are in full control.