CNC routed aluminium composite.

Score, rebate, profile.

Converting aluminium composite sheet using CNC routing machinery; a process which allows you to cut and score with the same machinery. Use this technique when you need to introduce fold lines and rebated areas into your panel design.

cnc routed aluminium composite advantages

From complex architectural rain screening to intricate back lit sign trays with shouldered "push through" acrylic letters and graphics. CNC routed production techniques allow the production of a huge variety of items.

With it's inherent "fold ability" aluminium composites don't need expensive brake press machines, simple folding jigs made from wood or aluminium extrusions are all you need. Shaped folds and profile lines are made using router bits not expensive induction hardened folding tools. Surface skimming techniques  can allow composite materials to curve on their own. If you want to really explore all the things you can do with composite; access to a good quality routing CNC service is essential.

cnc routed aluminium composites

What can you make.

CNC routed aluminium composite can be used for a huge variety of different applications. Whether you need to complete an interior project, a permanent exterior project. Composite is a lightweight weatherproof material which allows for lightweight structures held with the minimum of support framing or sub structures.

  • Cladding panels
  • Custom soffits
  • Exterior and interior column covers
  • Totem panels; solid or fret cut
  • Sign trays; solid or fret cut.
  • Free standing exhibition panels
  • Ceiling panels
  • Ductwork and trunking
  • Enclosures for pipes, switchgear.
  • Roofing panels
  • Cowls and shroud

This is a list of the things we've helped people like you achieve with routed aluminium composite techniques. Minor adjustments and tweaks? Thanks to the forgiving nature of this material you can easily file, plane, cut or skim on site to get that extra neat fit and finish.


As you can see from this photo, once composite has been scored properly it's  very easy to fold the part into the desired shape. Using a computer controlled CNC router these all important sore lines can be machined to the perfect depth every time. These pieces happen to be machined from genuine Dibond material but all brands of composite can be worked in a similar way.

router scored acm panel

Your way

Supply your own composite for us to CNC rout. Get us to source and machine the material for you. However you want to proceed we're ready to help you get the most from this fantastic material.