Coloured aluminium composite

Off the shelf convenience.

Getting a flawless coloured finish as standard; it's one of the big advantages of aluminium composites. Instead of painting or powder coating bare aluminium for every project you can simply use this lightweight composite material, no secondary finishing required.

coloured aluminium composite fabricated shapes

Most coloured aluminium composites are manufactured with a Gloss side and a Satin side, the same colour in two different finishes. This can be a very useful feature which allows more design possibilities for things like signage, display stands or cladding paneling.

coloured aluminium composite examples

Applied under controlled factory conditions all coloured composites have guaranteed colour fastness for a minimum of five years.



This list represents the standard aluminium composite colour range. Drawn from a range of manufacturers this collection gives the best spread of RAL colours possible.

  • 1003 Signal Yellow
  • 1015 Ivory
  • 1023 Traffic Yellow
  • 2004 Orange
  • 3004 Burgundy
  • 3020 Traffic Red
  • 5002 Ultramarine
  • 5017 Traffic Blue
  • 5022 Midnight Blue
  • 6005 Moss Green
  • 6024 Traffic Green
  • 7012 Basalt Grey
  • 7015 Slate Grey
  • 7016 Dark Grey
  • 7024 Graphite Grey
  • 7042 Traffic Grey
  • 8011 Nut Brown
  • 9005 Jet Black
  • 9006 Silver
  • 9016 Traffic White