Coloured Aluminium Composite.

Aluminium composite in factory finish colours.

Coloured Aluminium Composite gives you a sheet material with a perfect factory finish every time. If you specify coloured aluminium composite for your projects you can eliminate the need for costly secondary paint spraying and powder coating processes. This means coloured aluminium composite is the most cost effective, pre coloured metal sheet product on the market.

Flawless colours on all aluminium composite.

Coloured aluminium composite is manufactured in factory conditions. This means that you get a consistent, flawless result on every sheet. Wet spraying and powder coating have their own inherent variables- coloured composite doesn't. Think of how factory painted cars look- the paint finish is perfect. This is the standard you can expect from coloured aluminium composite.

colours of aluminium composite

Gloss and Satin colours in one sheet.

Most coloured aluminium composite features a gloss and a satin side. Both sides are the same colour with only the shine being different. This standard feature allows you to chose the most appropriate finish for your application. Satin and full gloss choices can be offered to your clients at no extra charge.

Standard colours available;

The following are standard aluminium composite colours;

aluminium composite colour chart

G/S denotes those aluminium composite colours available in Gloss & Satin finish on the same sheet.

Typical applications for coloured aluminium composite

Coloured Aluminium Composite can be utilised in the same ways as all types of aluminium composite

Coloured Aluminium Composite can be cut using our in-house CNC routing service, for finer work you can specify waterjet cutting. Aluminium Composite cut via waterjet features an attractive, smooth cut edge and allows for super fine detailling.

Coloured aluminium composite- why spray or powder coat when factory finish colours are available.