Curved ACM panels

Shaped aluminium composite panels.

Curving aluminium composite opens another range of design possibilities. From panels designed to wrap around columns and fascia's to point of sale structures and exhibition show pieces, using ACM in a curved format can make all the difference.

curved acm panels


Curved ACM panels are made using standard aluminium composite materials. Rather than machining grooves into the material in order make it fold we use a different technique to create a permanent curvature.

Curving aluminium composites normally won't involve any reverse machining; a technique which does allow curving of ACM (aluminium composite materials). Skimming off one side of the aluminium skin is an easy way to make ACM more flexible, a quick way to make it "curvy". What we are talking about here is a permanently curved piece of aluminium composite which retains it's original rigidity and strength.curved aluminium composite examples

Used for...

Curved ACM panels can be used in two ways; as a simple 2d part formed to a predetermined radius or as a complete 3D structure.

Let's imagine that you have to run a strip of aluminium composite around a curved pillar or rounded shop frontage. In this instance we would simply take a flat composite blank and form it until it was properly curved. The degree of curvature would be matched to the physical surface we would mount to; the pillar or frontage.

Now lets' look at the 3D option. For this type of curved ACM panel we add additional components to "in fill" the vertical curved panel so it forms what we call a 3D assembly. This type of production is great for making things like curved sign trays or bow fronted monolith signs.frames for curved ACM panels

Curved ACM assemblies are made from precisely formed parts which are fitted together to create the final hollow structure. Because there has been no reverse machining the curved composite retains strength & rigidity. If needed you could make a completely circular structure like this sign.

Some curved 3D ACM assemblies need a hidden skeleton frame onto which the different parts are fitted. Frames for curved projects can be made for you in welded aluminium or stainless.

circular aluminium example