Dibond fabrication.

An experienced company

Are you searching for an experienced dibond fabrication company? Someone who knows aluminium composite in detail, a fabricator who can help you turn CAD drawings into finished parts?

Whether you have a need for genuine Dibond which needs to be fabricated or a non brand specific composite requirement we can help you get the most from this affordable, lightweight material.

example of a dibond fabrication


Dibond aluminium composite was one of the first to market. Made in a wide range of colours and finishes there are a huge variety of shapes and parts which can be fabricated from this material. With a proven track record genuine Dibond is often specified by architects and designers. If you need a fabrication company which understands this material and has access to all the equipment you need then ask us to help you.


Do you want us to source genuine Dibond which will be fabricated to your design? Have you sourced Dibond from another company but are now stuck for someone to process it for you?

Dibond fabrication projects can be based around free issued material. If you've been offered genuine Dibond at a price which is too good to refuse you can simply secure your own sheet stock and just ask us to fabricate it for you. There is no need to buy Dibond sheet through us; if you've got your own we have no problem machining it for you.

If you need a Dibond fabrication company which can handle everything for you; sourcing the material and fabricating we can offer this service too. Because we use large volumes of aluminium composite, including Dibond, you can see if our buying power can drive down your material costs.

Working from AutoCad or any other vector based drawing program we can help with production of CAM files and "composite friendly" part designs. When it comes to Dibond fabrication there is a very flexible approach to your project.