The original aluminium composite is Dibond.

The Aluminium Composite product stems from the original Dibond brand manufactured by the Alcan company. Dibond is the generic name for aluminium compositedibond material- much like the brand name Hoover is the generic name for the vaccum cleaner.

Dibond still maintains it's place as the original and possibly the best brand of aluminium composite- Reynobond is the other premier brand of aluminium composite. If you want to use the best aluminium composite then Dibond is a great choice.

Dibond- a premier brand you can afford.

Since the inception of Dibond the market for aluminium composite has seen a huge increase of competing manufacturers and brands. In times past Dibond was an expensive material to use.

In the competitive market that now exists within the market for aluminium composite the price of Dibond has changed to reflect the new reality. If you thought that genuine Dibond is too expensive to use then it might be time to think again.

Dibond- when you might use this premium brand.

Dibond is often specified by architects and retail designers. When Dibond is mentioned on specifications and tenders it is accepted that the requirement is for genuine brnaded Dibond not a generic version.

In our experience Dibond is a very high quality material which more than justifies the cost. With predictable machining results and perfect folding characteristics Dibond is a pleasure to work with.

If you are looking for strong, bold colours then certain Dibond colours and metal effects have the edge. For example, Copper finish Dibond is the impressive of all the Copper finishes available. Where some other brands of composite have washed out colouration Copper Dibond is a deep, rich colour.

Dibond- affordable D light material now available.

Dibond offer a 2mm version of their 3mm Dibond product. Called D Light this material is available in the same colours and effects as the standard Dibond range- the only difference is thickness and price.

2mm Dibond offers you a cost effective way to utilise branded Dibond.

Dibond wood grain.

Wood grain aluminium composite is growing in popularity. To compete with the generic wood grain composites Dibond is now available in a range of wood grain colours and species.

If you want the peace of mind of a leading brand name then Dibond is the aluminium composite for you.

Genuine branded Dibond in all colours and finishes!

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