Fire retardant ACM

Aluminium composite for sensitive areas.

Fire retardant ACM (aluminium composite material), class 0 rated product which adds an important level of fire safety.

Fire retardant ACM is widely used for internal and external cladding applications. For some residential and commercial construction projects it can be mandatory for this grade of composite to be used. If you need to use aluminium composite but simply must have a fire safety rating this FR material is perfect.

Trade shows and exhibition halls; many of these venues have strict policies which demand that the materials used to make stands and shell schemes are fire rated. This is an ideal application for retardant composite; in fact it's probably one of the only fire rated sheet materials within the sign and display industries.

fire retardant aluminium composites

Machines well.

Our experience of machining and finishing fire retardant aluminium composites are that there is little discernable difference. Conventional composite and their fire rated alternatives can be milled, scored, folded and water jetted in the same ways. The only difference you will see is the colour of the core material; fire rated product can have a different appearance to the Black or Clear of normal ACM. Tool wear is slightly higher because the retardant core is slightly more abrasive; regular re-sharping helps ensure smooth finishing throughout.

  • Exterior cladding panels
  • Internal cladding systems
  • Ceiling panels & schemes
  • Retail interiors, displays, building wraps.
  • Trunking, ductwork
  • Cowling
  • Enclosures for electrical switchgear, pipework
  • Hygienic cladding*

*If you are looking for a hygienic cladding material a fire rated ACM is a good choice. Most types of solid or foamed PVC give off Chlorine gas if burned; retardant ACM doesn't.


Over the years we have worked on many interior and exterior cladding projects which make use of fire retardant aluminium composites. From patterned wood grains through to sleek metallic finishes, there are a wide range of fire rated cladding composites to choose from.

In some cases it will be mandatory that fire rated aluminium composites be used for rainwater and weatherproof cladding. Your local building control department can offer you help and guidance.


For display projects where a fire rated aluminium composite is needed you can either use a cladding product; more expensive but available in more colours and finishes. 

Alternatively there are a limited range of specific sign & display ACM sheet products which have the required fire retardant qualities. There are limitations to colour & finish. We can advise you on your options for fire retardant composites; just drop us an email.