Flat grade ACM.

For fold free projects.

Flat grade ACM is designed as a cheaper solution for simple flat panels and sign blanks. Manufactured in a limited range of colours flat ACM grades are typically destined to be faced with printed or cut vinyl graphics.

Making flat grade ACM cheaper is achieved by reducing the thickness of aluminum used on the external skins. Essentially tilting the balance in the material more towards plastic and away from aluminium. This delivers a composite which can be manufactured more cheaply allowing you to pay a lower price.

flat acm panel

Fine to use.

Flat grade ACM is perfect for any composite project which does not involve scoring and bending. Apart from this one limitation this material offers the same advantages aluminium composite as a whole offers; a cost effective pre coloured substrate which is simple to use.

Road sign blanks.

Many local authorities have switched their road signage from aluminium sheet to composite. It's cheaper and more importantly the scrap value of composite means there is no incentive to steal them.

If you are looking for aluminium composite road sign blanks this is a standard service; the aluminium fixing channel is something we powder coat in house so you aren't limited to the typical traffic grey finish. All kinds of stainless steel clips and bands are also available for use with the channel system.


This type of flat grade ACM is supplied with a satin White finish on one side, a mill aluminium finish on the other. As the name implies this type of aluminum composite is widely used for temporary hoardings around development sites. If you want a cheap ACM panel and aren't bothered about having a shiny mill finish on the reverse side then hoarding panel is perfect.

If you aren't looking to score or fold within the context of your design then flat grade ACM is a great choice. More robust than plastic like foamed PVC this inexpensive substrate is easy to handle and simple to work.