Generic aluminium composite.

What is it?

Generic aluminium composites are the same material as bigger brands such as Dibond or Reynobond. In the same way the term "Hoover" has come to be short hand for vacuum cleaner the word "dibond" has come to be the most popular term to describe aluminium composites. Essentially it's all the same stuff, plastic core, two aluminium skins.

generic aluminium composites

Whilst there are differences between branded and generic ACM these have narrowed over the years; most if not all aluminium composite is nowadays tested to the same quality and fire rating standards. The differences between branded and generic ACM have become much smaller.

Spec not quality.

Generic aluminium composites can sometimes be assumed to be an inferior option because of price or lack of brand recognition.

When you are deciding which aluminium composite to use; generic or big brand, it's important to concentrate on the specification of the material rather than the name. In the world of aluminium composite the profit is in the aluminium skin; the less metal you have to use the less the ACM costs to manufacture.

Finding out exactly what skin thickness you are getting is, in our opinion, far more important than the actual brand name printed on the cover sheet. If you are buying a generic aluminium composite with a 0.3mm skin thickness on both sides then it's a better quality product than a branded version with a 0.2mm skin. This is our opinion, an opinion based on folding guidelines.


Nearly all plastic wholesalers now offer their own generic brands; typically ending in "bond" these materials are all essentially the same. As long as you don't skimp on skin thicknesses most generic composites are perfectly fine for everyday sign and display applications.

If the ACM project you are working on demands a bit more in terms of warranty and certification, construction cladding for example, there are options too.

You can either opt for a well known brand such as Alucobond or you can ask about our new European made alternative. Sourced direct from the factory this ACM is available in sign and cladding grade. Primarily designed for projects requiring more than a few sheets this approach combines the cost savings of generic composites with the quality of European manufacture.