Metal effect aluminium composites

Affordable faux finishes.

Metal effect aluminium composites, affordable lightweight sheet material with the look of real metal. Designed for interior and exterior work this type of composite is widely used for display and signage applications. Using the correct cladding grade ACM you can also use metal effects for building facades and weather screening work.

Solid metal sheets such as stainless steel, brass or copper are expensive to buy. In the case of metals like Bronze they can be very hard to find. Working real metal into shapes or parts takes expensive machinery, folding them into 3d structures takes heavy duty industrial equipment. This is where aluminium composite offers a more user friendly approach.

metal effect aluminium composites


Metal effect aluminium composites provide a lightweight substrate which can be easily cut & worked to form a wide variety of parts and structures. If the visual appearance of metal is all you require then using a metal effect composite makes more sense in terms of both cost & convenience.

Placing a flat sheet of metal effect ACM on a CNC router we can program and machine all the fold lines and profile cuts digitally. After the machine cycle is completed the flat sheet is removed ready to be bent and folded by hand. This is how straightforward the manufacturing process can be. No lifting equipment, no laser cutters or water jets, no brake press machinery... score... fold... fit.

If there is any onsite trimming or modification required you can do this very easily with a fine tooth timber saw, almost all other woodworking tools can be used too. Compared to heavy solid metal substrates ACM's are an installers dream.

Metal effect aluminium composites are available in this faux finishes;

  • Brushed Silver
  • Butler Silver
  • Brushed Gold
  • Brushed Copper
  • Brushed Bronze
  • Polished Silver
  • Polished Gold

If you are looking for real metal rather than a simulated composite like these haev a look at the stainless steel composite page.