Metal effect aluminium composite.

Cost effective, easy worked alternative to real metal

Metal effect Aluminium Composite is a lower cost alternative to real metal sheeting. Manufactured with a range of factory finish metal effect coatings this product gives you the look of real metal with less weight and less cost.

Sign makers, display manufacturers and shop fitters love metal effect Aluminium Composite as it allows them to deliver a superior look at a standard price.

Metal effect Aluminium Composite- easy to work.

Metal effect Aluminium Composite can be cut and drilled with normal wood working tools. You can saw plane and cut metal effect aluminium composites with ease. There is no need to use grinders or sheet metal tools- everything can be achieved using standard, cheap to buy tools. Power tools can also be used without fuss- you can use hand routers, circular saws and jigsaws- all you need are fine toothed blades- the ones you use for laminate would be perfect.

metal effect aluminium composite sign trays

To show you the flexibility of metal effect aluminium composite we fabricated Silver, Copper and Gold metal effect sign trays.

When cutting real metal sheet- especially Stainless Steel- you run the risk of burning and "bluing" the metal. With metal effect Aluminium Composite this is not an issue- because it cuts so easily you never get to the stage where friction builds sufficiently to induce heat into the material.

Metal effect Aluminium Composite- easy to handle.

If you have ever worked with real metal sheets you will know that they are heavy and unwieldy. Metal effect Aluminium Composite is a fraction of the weight- in essence you are working with a thin sheet of plastic. Large columns and sign panels made from metal effect aluminium composite can be moved and lifted by one or two people. If you are working at height metal effect Aluminium Composite structures can be easily lifted and fixed into place.

Metal effect Aluminium Composite really does give you all the advantages.

Metal effect aluminium composite- finishes available.

These are the standard metal effect aluminium composites available;

steel metal effect lettering chrome metal effect lettering
gold effect metal lettering brushed bronze metal effect letters

In the standard range of metal effect composites you can choose from Brushed Stainless Steel Silver effect, Polishing Chrome/ Stainless Steel, Brushed Gold as well as Brushed and flat Copper effect.

You can use Metal effect Aluminium Composite for...

Metal effect Aluminium Composite can be utilised in the same ways as all types of aluminium composite

Metal effect Aluminium Composite can be cut using our in-house CNC routing service, for finer work you can specify waterjet cutting. Aluminium Composite cut via waterjet features an attractive, smooth cut edge and allows for super fine detailling.

metal look aluminium composite

Metal effect Aluminium Composite- expand your horizons.

If your clients have asked you for metal effect work which you have felt unhappy tackling then our metal effect aluminium composites allow you to take on this type of work- you don't need to upgrade your toolbox and the results will speak for themselves.

Metal effect Aluminium Composites- the look of real metal without the hassle.

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