Plastic part cutting.

Plastic part cutting compliments the range of aluminium composite services available. It's so easy to source precisely cut plastic shapes and component parts to use on their own or as part of your aluminium composite project.

Our convenient, affordable plastic part cutting facility is designed to cut your costs and eliminate the hassle involved in using multiple suppliers for the same project.

plastic part cutting

Why buy your composite, plastic and metal parts from different suppliers when you can get everything you need from a single source?

Routing & water jetting.

Plastic part cutting is available on two different CNC platforms. Routed plastic parts offer you fast production, smooth cut edges and a range of rebating and surface reduction machining process.

Water jetted plastic part cutting delivers super sharp fine detail on a par with laser cutting. With a jet of water 0.8mm in diameter you can get hold of parts which simply cannot be made using routing technology.

Plastic part cutting using water jet technology provides a Cold Cutting solution which places not heat stress into the material being processes. This allows even the thinnest, most delicate plastics to be cut into accurate parts.


Everything is possible.

Laser and router systems can cut certain types of plastic part. Water jet systems cut EVERY type of plastic.

This means you can use any type of plastic you want, safe in the knowledge that accurate, affordable part cutting is a mouse click away.

With no setup or tooling charges and absolutely NO minimum order requirement the plastic part cutting service we provide is geared around what you want to achieve- not what's easiest for us to offer.

Extra services.

As well as plastic part cutting we also provide you with a range of extra services which allow you to do more;

Supply and cut.

We can source and cut parts from every type of plastic as well as cutting from plastic material you free issue.

Like all our services plastic part cutting is based on the convenience of online ordering coupled to the cost savings you get from proper internet prices. For your next plastic part cutting project ask us for a price- you'll be glad you did.

The ulitmate in affordable plastic part cutting.

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