Powder coated metal parts.

For aluminium composites.

Sometimes aluminium composite (ACM), needs a bit of help. A metal reinforcing plate here, a mounting bracket there. To get the most from this fantastic material we now offer a powder coated metal part service.

Use lightweight, pre finished composite material for the majority of your project; then introduce the right amount of strength and support with solid metal parts. This approach allows us to get the best balance between the two types of material.

powder coated metal parts for aluminium composite


Powder coated metal parts for ACM projects; it's a service we were always being asked for so it's now something we offer as standard. Using just the right amount of real metal in specific locations allows ACM projects to be more ambitious, more effective. These are some of the things that can be produced;

  • Wall mounting plates
  • Hinge plates
  • Handle systems
  • Corner reinforcing braces
  • Mounting feet
  • Guide wheels
  • Wheel mounting plates
  • Wall brackets
  • Ceiling mounts
  • Ribs & braces

Made from aluminium or stainless, parts can be as simple as a flat plate or as complicated as a folded, welded sub assembly. Because the composite structure and the metal parts are all manufactured at the same time in the same place we can ensure a proper fit & finish. Whilst ACM is a remarkable product there are certain applications where the strength and rigidity of aluminium plate or stainless steel section can make all the difference.

Affordable powder.

Match the colour of your metal parts to the ACM used in your project. Have a contrasting colour. Select a specific RAL colour. However you need your metal parts they can be powder coated to fit the design criteria which matches your ACM project.