Reynobond Aluminium Composite.

Often specified.

Reynobond aluminium composite is a branded ACM product which is often specified for architectural projects. Reynobond sheeting to be fabricated as rain screening and weather cladding is a popular application which we are often consulted about.

renobond aluminium composite

 Reynobond machines well and comes with a durable surface finish. This makes it a popular choice for architects and designers. However, Reynobond is still just a branded aluminium composite, other brands will perform in the same manner. In some cases other ACM brands might be a better choice.

Supply structure

Over time the aluminium composite market has matured and many lesser known brands now offer the same ease of machining and durability. This means many suppliers aren't willing to stock Reynobond as they already have their own brand product which fills their needs.

renobond aluminium composite alternatives

If you are searching for Reynobond aluminium composite it can be very hard to source; the manufacturers want to restrict the supply to a few dealers. The cost price of Reynobond can mean that projects are more expensive than they could be.


Reynobond aluminium composite is often specified for construction projects because there is some nervousness around using cheaper generic ACM. Manufactured in anonymous far east factories some of these generic products have an unknown heritage.

If we then consider fire rating and quality standards then adhering rigidly to Reynobond starts to make sense. The difficulty of getting hold of Reynobond sheet stock can however make your projects difficult to complete.

There is a viable alternative to Reynobond, a range of quality sign & cladding grade aluminium composites manufactured right here in Europe. With all the right EU regulations already complied with you can source a quality alternative to Reynobond with ease. Dealing direct with the factory allows our Reynobond alternatives to be easy to get hold of, more cost effective to use.