Sign grade

Aluminium composite

Lightweight 3mm thick material chosen for it's wide range of colours and simulated metal finishes.

Used either as a "blank" for the application of cut and printed vinyl graphics or machined into an integral sign assembly in it's own right. A sign grade composite material gives you a lightweight, prefinished solution which is pleasantly inexpensive when compared to more traditional materials and methods.

sign grade alumninium composite examples

Send a file.

Sign grade aluminium composite can be machined into the shapes and sizes you need, all that's needed is a vector file; DXF or AI for example. Email your files and we turn your drawings into real composite parts.

To standard.

Scratches, dents and burrs, these defects are all unacceptable, they're all avoidable. All sign components made from aluminium composite are handled carefully to make sure that the surface finishes stay in pristine condition, any defects and the parts don't get shipped.

free standing aluminium composite sign

Frames, brackets

Adding structural support frameworks, custom metal brackets or one off bracing pieces can allow you to use aluminium composite for more types of sign project.

In our experience being able to supply a complete solution; composite panels complete with the underlying support system; that's where our customers can get a real advantage.

Most metal working companies don't understand composite, most composite suppliers don't offer a metal cutting and welding service. You can have the best of both from us; we work in all sign making materials from stainless steel to Perspex, Aluminium to PVC. 

sign grade composite panels on metal bracket

If you make signs and need to do more with composites then we can help. If you want to supply your own sign grade ACM for processing that's not a problem either. Whatever you need it pays to get a price from us; you might save a packet.