Vitrabond fabricators.

Flat sheets into finished pieces.

Vitrabond is a quality brand of ACM designed primarily for composite cladding projects. Manufactured in a range of attractive colours this material comes in a range of economical sheet sizes which fit around most common cladding panel dimensions.

Vitrabond ACM comes with a generous aluminium skin thickness on both sides. Once machined and folded the amount of aluminium in Vitrabond gives a very robust, nicely stable cladding panel. vitrabond fabricators

If you are looking at a long term cladding product the quality of Vitrabond allows you to install something which is going to last long term. With quality surface finishes you get resistance to fading and chalking. With generous aluminium skins there is a build in stability in all dimensions



If you have a Vitrabond project that needs to be created from your own stock of material or have been asked to supply fabricated Vitrabond panels in their entirety we can help.

Having fabricated this quality cladding grade material before we know how to get the best from it, how to make your Vitrabond project run flawlessly. Folding jigs can be made to allow for onsite bending. Alternatively you can ask us to form your machined Vitrabond into a finished part which is delivered to site ready for immediate installation.