Wood grain composite sheet.

Lightweight faux finish panels.

Wood grain aluminium composite sheets combine the natural look of different timber species with the fabrication benefits of ACM. Sharing the same characteristics as other types of composite the wood grain range can be cut and folded using the same tooling and techniques.

A light weight sheet material which is easy to handle, simple to work and manufactured in a range of effects which mimic different species of tree. If you want to work with wood but don't relish the hassle of using heavy timber boards or expensive veneers then wood grain composite is just what you've been looking for. 

wood grain aluminium composite

Because this is a synthetic man made product it is totally waterproof and extremely stable in all dimensions, unlike the real timber it mimics. For large panels or 3d structures composite delivers the perfect blend between the look of wood and the convenience and durability of a man made product.

There are no staining or varnishing requirements and no need for refinishing every few years. This synthetic wood grain composite material gives you the look you want without the hassle of ongoing maintenance costs.


Wood grain aluminium composite sheet is great for all those projects where a natural wood look would normally be a pain to create. From interior cladding to exterior rain screening a wood grade composite delivers predictability in a lightweight sheet material.

wood grain aluminium composite spieces chart

If you've been to a McDonald's restaurant lately you will have seen wood grain composite in action; what looks like timber exterior panels are actually this type of composite aluminium. If you want a cladding grade wood grain composite then we have a nice product range available.

If you are working internally then wood grain composite allows you to "line and clad" quickly with the minimum of fuss. Things like columns can be wrapped with scored & folded composite panels, other details like sign trays and display panels can also be fabricated from this remarkable material.