Wood Grain Aluminium Composite.

Aluminium composite with the look of real wood.

Wood Grain Aluminium Composite allows you a durable, versatile solution to all kinds of wood paneling and cladding applications. Available in standard 8x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm) sheet sizes Wood Grain Aluminium Composite is a ready to go solution for large area coverage.

wood grain aluminium composite sheet

The Wood Grains are factory applied to the base Aluminium Composite material which ensures perfect adhesion and a flawless finish. Unlike laminated MDF or MFC our Wood Grain Aluminium Composite is lightweight and waterproof. With a thickness of just 3mm Wood Grain Aluminium Composite is easy to handle and a joy to fit- no more struggles with heavy timber based boards.

Neat corners- Wood Grain Aluminium Composite helps you.

If you are used to working with laminated MFC or MDF you know that creating neat 90 degree corner joints can be difficult. you either cut to 45 degrees and joint the boards together or you resort to edge banding.

Wood Grain Aluminium Composite eliminates this fuss and saves time. Just like every other type of aluminium composite material Wood Grain Aluminium Composite can be folded by simply grooving the rear side. If you want to clad columns or counters to look like real wood then Wood Grain Aluminium Composite allows you to achieve perfect results in less time- no gluing, no trimming no complicated joints.

wood grain aluminium composite sheet maple

Wood Grain Aluminium Composite- use it where you want.

External applications aren't realistic when working with laminated MDF or MFC. If you need a wood grain effect outside then your options are limited and expensive. Because Wood Grain Aluminium Composite has no wood content and has no paper based laminate decoration it's perfectly suitable for exterior projects.

You can simply use Wood Grain Aluminium Composite in the same way as you would any other aluminium composite material.

  • Flat panels
  • Sign trays
  • Individual lettering
  • Individual logos
  • Column cladding
  • Counter cladding
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Exterior signage
  • Exterior monoliths
  • Machine parts and covers
  • Grilles and screens