Aluminium Composite letters and logos.

Bespoke at standard prices.

With a full suite of computer controlled cutting systems in-house you can easily get hold of accurate aluminium composite letters or logo shapes. Send your vector based CAD file and we will recreate it in aluminium composite.

coloured aluminium composite lettering

Aluminium composite letters made from solid colours are a low cost alternative to expensive powder coated aluminium.

The advantages.

Aluminium composite letters are lightweight and durable- perfect for internal and external projects. With a wide range of metal effect aluminium composites available you can use aluminium composite to simulate the look of real metals.

If you want real metal lettering we offer these too. Visit our dedicated site here.

All aluminium composite letters are supplied with either hidden cup and peg fixings or VHB tape mounting pads. Templates are provided for all aluminium composite letter projects- these allow you to accurately align the characters.


Recreating your logos in aluminium composite is a straight forward process. All we need from you is a vector based CAD file. With this we can fabricate an exact copy of any logo in aluminium composite material.

aluminium composite logos

Super metal effects allow you to get the look of real metal at a fraction of the price

Aluminium composite logos can be manufactured in any colour or metal effect, you may even use stone or wood grain material. As with our aluminium composite letters all logos are supplied with mounting systems and templates.


Aluminium composite letters and logos have a multitude of uses;

Wherever you could employ Perspex or real metal lettering aluminium composite letters and logos are also suitable. For a metal look aluminium composites offer a lower cost solution.

Router & Water jet.

Unlike our competitors we offer you a choice of two aluminium composite letter and logo production methods. CNC routing is an ideal solution for most aluminium composite projects. Smooth, clean cut edges come as standard and all shapes can be recreated in composite.

For fine or highly intricate letter and logo shapes we can switch to abrasive water jet cutting. This technology can produce letters and logos which are too detailed for routing systems.

Aluminium Composite Letters & Logos- great service, trade prices.

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