Aluminium composite sign pans.

Everyday production.

Aluminium composite sign pan production is an every day service designed to give you access to discreet, professional grade fabrications.

aluminium composite sign pans

From simple square and rectangular sign pans through to composite "wrap around" fascia runs and integrated projectors. When it comes to sign pans made from composite materials we really can help you get the most from this remarkable material

All types.

Blank sign pans machined from any type of aluminium composite you want. Remove the carrier film, apply your own cut or printed vinyl graphics. Simple fret cut sign pans with coloured Perspex lenses stuck in from behind. On board led lighting neatly packaged on the back of your pan; connect to 240v and off you go. This is all standard everyday sign pan production.

push through graphics for acm sign pans

Perhaps you are looking to make aluminium composite sign pans with milled Perspex push through graphics. This task is more complicated that it sounds and with new finishing techniques you can fit out your ACM sign pans with Opal and coloured acrylics up to 25mm thick. Whatever you want to achieve using aluminium composite sign pans we can help.

What about a sign pan mounting frame? Want to push how you can use aluminium composites? Take advantage of your own welded aluminium and stainless steel fabrication service; whatever you need we can make it.

aluminium composite sign pans made in house

There are lots of aluminium composite sign pan manufacturers to choose from. Why not shop around and make sure you are getting the right price? Don't forget as specialist ACM fabricators we don't compete in your markets; we make aluminium composite sign pans we don't survey for them or install them.