About us.

We are aluminium composite fabricators with over 20 years of experience working with all types of ACM product, staff who have more than 30 years experience of the sign and display industries.

From early beginnings when Dibond was the only ACM available working with band saws and hand tools, aluminium composite is a substrate we have worked with on countless projects.

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Upgraded to grand format CNC water jet and routing equipment the type of aluminium composite production on offer today still has it roots in good old fashioned hand made techniques.

Specialists in....

Aluminium composite fabrication is something we specialise in, with the right equipment and lots of experience we provide customers with their own "virtual factory". With no survey teams, fitting crews or any interest in site work we give you an experienced fabrication service which you can use as your own.


If you want to buy aluminium composites from us we can help you with that. It's not essential to buy raw materials; if you have your own ACM and simply need it processed for you then you are welcome to free issue to us at any time.