ACM sign blanks & panels.

Affordable and convenient.

Aluminium composite material (ACM) is the perfect substrate for sign and display projects. Lightweight, durable and cost effective this material will get your project "done" on virtually any budget.

Low cost flat grade ACM's are ideal for all kinds of exterior and interior project. Unlike alternative materials like Acrylics or foamed PVC a composite panel has more dimensional stability when hot or cold. This stability means you don't have to use a floating panels and frame technique; a simple screw through fixing is enough.

acm sign blanks and panels

Any shape.

ACM sign blanks and panels can be used in almost any shape or size; if you can draw the shape of blank needed it can normally be manufactured. Another key benefit of composite sign blanks are the way fixing holes can be accurately positioned for you in the production process. Rather than measuring & drilling each hole yourself the machinery does it all for you.

  • Interior way finding
  • Door blanks
  • Menu boards
  • Hanging signs (interior)
  • Post mounted panels
  • Logo panels
  • Fascia trays
  • Totem panels
  • Road sign type panels (with or without channel).

ACM sign blanks and panels can be decorated with all your favourite graphic formats; cut vinyl, printed vinyl, raised lettering in all the usual materials.

If for any reason you need this type of sign blank in any other material please ask; brass, copper, bronze, mill aluminium, stainless steel, these are a few of the blanking materials we work with.

blank aluminium composite tray panels