Stainless steel composite sheet.

The "luxury" alternative.

Composite sheet made with a layer of real stainless steel. This is not aluminium composite, it's stainless steel composite.

Do you want a metal finish but cannot for whatever reason use a faux finish aluminium composite? This stainless alternative is the obvious solution.

stainless steel composite sheet

Whereas metal effects are "faux finishes" this material is the real deal. If you want a composite project with the look and touch of stainless then this material gives you exactly that; real stainless steel in a composite plastic format.

As you would expect the basic premise of stainless and aluminium composites is pretty much the same; thin layers of metal bonded to a plastic core. This technique delivers a much lighter, much cheaper alternative to a solid metal sheet of the same thickness. A 3mm thick sheet of 304 grade stainless steel is so heavy it requires several people to lift, a sheet of composite the same size can be handled by one or two people.

stainless steel composite sign]

Score and fold.

Want to create a folded stainless steel composite structure? No problem. The basic machining principles are the same as for aluminium based composites.

A profiled carbide tool is used to machine a specially shaped groove into the back side of your composite sheet. The stainless steel display face is safely placed onto the machine bed while all the grooving and cutting happens on the reverse side.

Techniques which you would use to produce panels and structures from aluminium composite can all be translated across to stainless composite. the biggest difference is tool wear; this type of composite demands more frequent tool grinding in order to keep cut & score quality high.

Doing more.

Stainless steel composites machined with precise CNC machinery by experienced operators; this is our speciality. If you already have your own material we can turn flat sheets into the parts and structures you want, simply free issue your material and email your files. Converting your drawings into CNC ready machine files is something we handle for you.

If you need a source for stainless composite we can supply from a range of different manufacturers and brands. Samples of material, examples of folded product; these are all available on request.