Aluminium composite monolith signs.

An affordable option.

Making monolith signs using aluminium composite; a production approach which is cheaper and easier than conventional "all aluminium" techniques.

The majority of flat tray shaped signs are now made from composites instead of aluminium; it's cheaper, it's pre finished and it's easier to produce the shapes needed. The same benefits can had when using composite aluminium for the production of monolith signs.

aluminium composite monolith signs


To build an effective aluminium composite monolith sign you simply need a strong internal framework and a set of matched panels. Install the framework, mount the composite panels; job done. In some cases you can assemble everything off-site and simply bolt your monolith in place or drop it into pre dug holes.

Composite monoliths can be made in various shapes & sizes depending on what you need to achieve. From simple rectangular designs through to sloped or interlocked formats; there are a wide variety of ways in which composite can be used for this kind of freestanding project.

Any way you want

If you want a fully finished monolith sign made from composite this can be manufactured for you and shipped out ready for installation. Things like back lit elements and led lighting can be incorporated if they are needed. If you just want a blank structure ready for your own graphics then that's no problem either. Whatever format you need a monolith can usually be produced using composites.

 composite aluminium monolith sign closeup

Light framed

To get the best from aluminium composite when producing monolith sign structures it's critical that the internal framework is not only strong but as light as possible.

The monolith examples on this page show signs made with both welded aluminium and stainless steel frames. For large format projects aluminium frames give you a nice lightweight structure which is easy to move around and fix in place. With stainless you can use the metal finish as part of the design; the post frames on the signs above are used as a design feature.

  Aluminium composite frame  information is available here.