Fabrication services

For all aluminium composites

If you are looking for experienced, independent fabricators working with the entire range of aluminium composite and related materials we are a great choice.

With no vested interest in any particular type of fabricated composite production we are happy to manufacture whatever you want; whether it's a fret cut sign tray or a bespoke machinery enclosure you supply the design information, we'll make your item.

There is no need to buy raw materials from us; if you prefer to supply your own composite sheet that won't be a problem; we'll fabricate any material.

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More than sheets.

Supplying aluminium composites in sheet form is something we offer, but it's not all we offer. Taking raw sheet stock and turning into the final fabricated part; that's where we can help you get the most from this remarkable material.

Cladding panel systems are an ideal use for aluminium composites but finding a fabricator to just make your panels can be a bit difficult; many cladding companies want to supply, machine and install their own products. If you just want a cladding fabrication service our service is geared towards you.

aluminium composite fabricators cladding panels

Whatever you need.

Whilst signage and exterior cladding are popular applications for our aluminium fabrication services they aren't the only thing on offer.

Take this example; a customer wanted a neat, cost effective way to enclose gas pipework and meters. Rather than go to the expense and hassle of making bare plywood carcasses the job was completed using White aluminum composite.

aluminium composite fabrication samples

This type of enclosure is something we make for customers all the time. You can have hinged access hatches, locking doors, vinyl graphics or engraved safety warnings. This type of aluminium composite fabrication service delivers something which can be unpacked and installed without fuss or any painting.

Similar projects for soffits and fascia over cladding are also a staple fabrication service. Stronger and more durable than PVC an aluminium composite system can be custom manufactured in almost any shape or size, soffit projects completed with ease.


If you are looking for an aluminium composite fabricator who understands the importance of keeping thing discreet you will appreciate that there are some projects and fabrication examples we just can't use for advertising purposes.

If you want to use fabricated aluminium composite in your next project we can help you get the job done on time, on budget, whilst protecting your privacy.

fabrication of aluminium composite