Aluminium sign frames.

Built for composite totems & monoliths.

Welded aluminium frames designed to support free standing totem and monolith signs. Lightweight, sturdy support frames and internal skeletons which give you the perfect means to create free standing signs with ease.

Rather than work with heavy steel framework and costly powder coated aluminium panels you can simply select lightweight aluminium and cost effective composites instead.

aluminium frames for composite totem systems


All sign frames are made from TIG welded aluminium; typically box or round profiles are used. Things like fixing feet, mounting plates and gusset pieces, these are typically cut from aluminium plate and then welded into the frame structure.

All flat parts you need in your composite framework are cut with our own water jet machinery and then integrated into your framing system. The beauty of water cutting is the ability to use some seriously thick aluminium; 10, 15, 25mm. These gauges of metal can be accurately cut and then TIG welded into place giving you a strong but neat frame to work with.

From thin, delicate support brackets through to chunky internal frames concreted into the earth; durable aluminium framework gives you the perfect mounting system for all kinds of ACM.

aluminium frames for acm sign

If you are working with illumination cable runs and transformer mounting plates can be incorporated into the frame design meaning panel fitting & installation is made as easy as possible.

Frames can be manufactured to your own design sketch or you can simply tell us the specification for the composite panels and we will work out the best frame design for that panel set. If you have ever tried to lug heavy steel sign frames across site then you'll love using lightweight aluminium instead; easy to move, simple to erect.

stainless steel frames for acm sign 


Frames, brackets and supporting structures are all part of the service because these items all let you do more with aluminium composite. If you've been thinking of using mild steel framing why don't you let us give you a better quality result using non ferrous metals instead? Chances are we can make an nice aluminium frame or bracket system for the same as you've been paying for nasty mild steel.