Aluminium composite cladding panels.

Discreet manufacturing.

Aluminium composite cladding panels manufactured in the composites brands you need. Supply your own sheet stock or let us source the raw cladding material for you. Whichever way you want to approach your cladding project we offer an experienced panel manufacturing service.

Finding a source of composite sheet material is one thing, finding someone who has the equipment and experience to turn raw ACM into a finished cladding system; that's not so easy. 

aluminium composite cladding panels.

Machine minded.

Creating CNC files from your standard CAD drawings. Machining accurate panel shapes and fold lines into a durable, stable cladding panels. Creating the ACM paneling system you need from raw sheet stock. This is the essence of the service offered to you; a complete machining solution which is reliable and discreet.

 Haven't got your cladding grade composites yet? We can help you source the right ACM from the right manufacturer Do you have a stack of cladding composite and no one to turn it into folded panels? Send it to us and we'll make whatever you need.

  • CNC files created from your CAD drawings
  • Test pieces & sections made if required.
  • Interior cladding
  • Exterior cladding
  • 4mm composite
  • 3mm composite
  • Big brands like Alucobond, Vitrabond, Dibond.
  • Cheaper generic brands
  • Wall panels
  • Trim pieces
  • Capping strips
  • Cowls & ventilation panels
  • Soffit schemes
  • Fascia trims

Manufacturing aluminium composite cladding panels is something we've done many times before, if you want an affordable way to translate you cladding CAD drawings into finished panels we can help.

acm cladding panels on a pallet