Water based paint for aluminium composite materials.

Lasts up to 15 years.

Our new aluminium composite paint system is based on modern water based technology. A safe, environmentally friendly coating system which you can use to refinish your composite panels and structures.

It might sound strange; why would you need a water based aluminium composite paint when the whole point of this sheet material is the fact that it comes prefinished? Whether it's a custom colour or a freshen up of tired panels; this water based paint system is designed to give you more choice when deciding how to use ACM.

water based aluminium composite paint system

Colour choice.

Sometimes you might need a specific colour, an exact RAL finish or something which matches a corporate identity or architectural requirement. This is where a water based composite paint system can help.

Colour matching falls into two categories; bespoke or numerical. If you have the RAL number required paint for aluminium composite can be mixed to this specification. Matches to other colour systems such as British Standard are also possible, you can even match to "posh" colour ranges from people like Farrow & Ball for example.

If you don't have a known RAL number it can be possible to spectrograph from an existing piece of material; a trim panel for example. Send us a reference piece, a physical example of the colour needed and fresh paint will be formulated to match.


Water based aluminium composite paint is easy to apply using inexpensive HVLP equipment. We recommend a nozzle size of 2mm for your spray gun with gravity fed being the easiest type of spray gun to use. A light grip coat followed by the primary colour coat is the recommended process. Colour sanding techniques can be employed to smooth rough paint areas.

Drying times can be shortened by using forced air drying; blowing air across the painted surface with the parts being dry enough to handle usually within an hour. When fully cured water based aluminium composite paint gives a hard, colour fast finish.

Clean up is simple; simply rinse your spray equipment with water rather than toxic solvents.


Refinishing aluminium composite panels can be a cost effective way to extend the surface life of old or faded cladding panels and the like. A light sand, a quick clean and old composite structures can be given new life by recoating with our unique water based composite paint system. This approach can allow you to extend the service life of items which would otherwise be due for complete replacement.

Water based aluminium composite paint is a specialist product not available from conventional paint suppliers.