What can you make from ACM?

Composite aluminium versatility..

Aluminium composite is a fantastic material which is the perfect raw material for almost any interior or exterior project. Combine the shaping characteristics of metal with the pre coloured convenience of plastic and you suddenly have the most cost effective solution to many different production jobs.

cupboards made from black acm


Made from pre coloured Black aluminium composite material (ACM), these cupboards are made for outdoor use. Complete with secure hinges and locking doors the cupboards can be made cost effectively in even small batches. Fold lines, perimeter cuts and fixing holes; these are all automatically machined into the raw ACM sheet ready for quick hand folding.

Rather than use mild steel we can use a lightweight composite which doesn't need powder coating, a cupboard which you can store as a flat pack, folding it ready for use when you need it.

soffit and fascia made from acm

Soffit and fascia.

Making custom shaped soffit and fascia pieces; it's an easy application for aluminium composite. Cover large fasia panels in large ACM sections, introduce folds and profile shapes by simply machining lines into the reverse of each ACM sheet.

From over cladding domestic fasica boarding to machining intricate feature panels for entrance lobbies and balconies. Aluminium composite gives a lightweight solution which is easy to fit, simple to modify on site, most importantly it's affordable.

light rig made from acm

What else can you make from ACM? How about this custom lighting rig? Made from welded 25mm aluminium box section we fitted this rig with individual perforated light panels each housing sets of led lighting. ACM is the perfect choice, stronger and more dimensionally stable than plastic, lighter and more convenient that custom powder coated metalwork. Whenever you need rigidity in a pre finished substrate ACM is the answer. 

illuminated signage made from acm

Using ACM you can make all kinds of stylish signs Years ago we used to make signs by suspending plastic panels inside metal frames. ACM changed all that. A pre coloured material which you can cut into intricate shapes, infill it with Perspex, score and fold your own tray shapes and sign cabinets. It's safe to say that Aluminium Composite materials have transformed the sign and display industries.,