Honeycomb aluminium panel.

A stronger material.

This type of sheet material is not really an aluminium composite product. Manufactured entirely from aluminium this material has a rigid hollow core which allows the affordable production of very thick sheets.

honeycomb aluminium panels

Used in many applications where a self supporting panel is needed this type of honeycomb material is widely used in the transportation and coach building industries where it delivers supremely rigid results in a very light package.


Two pre finished "skins" of aluminium are attached to a hollow hexagonal core. By rotating this core so it is vertical to either skin an extremely strong, rigid sheet material is created.

The easiest comparison we can make is that of a domestic internal door. Two lightweight timber panels are bonded to an internal cardboard core, the core is of the same hexagonal design as the honeycomb sheet we are discussing here. This technique delivers a very rigid result using lightweight materials.

Score and fold.

Honeycomb aluminium panels can be machined using special techniques so they can be folded easily without the need for specialised machinery. This characteristic is one shared with composites, removing material to facilitate bending and shaping. As you would expect CNC scoring and shaping is something we offer as standard.honeycomb aluminium panel how to fold

Precise profiling

For very complex parts or shapes which demand high detail the best way of cutting honeycomb aluminium panel has got to be water jet.

honeycomb aluminium panel cut with waterjet

Abrasive water jet uses a tiny high pressure stream of water to punch through and cleanly cut almost any material you can think of. Water cutting loves aluminium in all it's many forms, honeycomb panel is no exception.

High cutting speeds, zero introduced heat, no tooling push or pull. Clean precise cuts with the minimum of waste. Water jets love this honeycomb substrate.

Do you have your own honeycomb material and just need someone to process it for you? Free issue the material, email the drawings and we will do the rest.

Can't find anyone to supply you with aluminium honeycomb sheet? Let us quote you for sheets of this great material; use our fabrication service and cutting machinery if you like. However you want to use this versatile material we're ready to help.

Don't forget

If your aluminium honeycomb project needs parts made from other materials you can get them cut at the same time by the same supplier; less fuss and a perfect fit.